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A short excerpt about Wit, The Thief of Cardel.

The day grew late, and would soon be overtaken by the night. The moon lay transparent in the tawny sky, waiting for the sun to set so that it might become whole once again. Wit pressed himself against the cold stone, hiding in the evening’s deep shadows to avoid notice from below. The ledge where he was perched was narrow, but despite his willowy frame he did not sway as a breeze gust by him, carrying hints of Fae’s voice in its wake. He scrubbed his fingers through his hair, reflecting on what he had just heard. His eyes scanned the surrounding buildings, he wondered who else may have been eavesdropping. None close enough to hear as clearly as he had, but he could spot a few choice places. If there were others, they may not have heard everything but they knew that he had. He felt the hilt of one of his daggers press against his leg, always a comforting feeling.

The alley below was empty save for two city guards finishing their rounds. He watched as they walked directly below him, not even thinking to look up into the eaves where he was crouched. He waited until they were safely around the corner before vaulting off the ledge and landing with soft feet on the cobbled street. Straightening casually, Wit stuffed his hand in his pockets and sauntered around the inn, unnoticeably skimming the rooftops and alleyways. He thought he caught some movement near where he had been hidden, but when he turned to get a better look there was nothing there. He’d have to keep a close eye on the inn and make sure Fae didn’t leave without him knowing. He may be a thief, but he definitely wasn’t a stupid one.


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This is the story of how the world began. Well that’s not exactly true because the world never actually had a beginning. Beginnings and endings didn’t come till much later, when we thought they would help us to understand. But I suppose it’s as good a beginning as any really, and I’ll call it that if it helps.

Now, some believe that the world began when God saw fit to do so; others that a dense void collapsed into itself creating the cosmos and all matter within it; and some try not to think about it at all because it always seems to make them feel small and insignificant and gives them an awful headache. The only thing they seem to agree on is that once there was nothing, and then there was everything.

Well, that’s not quite how it happened. For one thing, there was never nothing, there was always something.

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