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I’ve had an interesting year, mainly due to my new living arrangements (love you guys!), and this potentially catastrophic experiment of a blog that turns out wasn’t so catastrophic… at least so far. Even though I haven’t posted as much in the last two months, I still find that it’s helped me keep some things in perspective.

When I first decided to do this blog, I didn’t think I would keep up with it, and I’m glad that I proved myself wrong. I’m not going to make any New Year’s resolutions to write more, or post more frequently. As my running shoes can tell you, resolutions don’t hold much weight with me.

Some days writing comes easy to me, others… not so much. I have to make the best of things when the waters are calm. This blog has been my anchor, preventing me from getting lost, adrift in the tumult of life. As long as I can find my way back to it, I think I’ll be all right.



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II. Procrastination (Sloth)

Well I suppose the 18-day hiatus may render this post self-explanatory, but I’m going to write it nonetheless. So what is it that’s kept me from even looking at a word processor for the last two and a half weeks unless I absolutely had to? To be honest, I couldn’t say. It may have something to do with the new film internship I’ve started that has me writing new story editing reports and film treatments on a regular basis, or just sheer exhaustion from having to work full-time in retail as well. But I have a feeling it’s more than that.

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I’m no stranger to procrastination. Putting things off till the last minute and performing under pressure was my method as a writer throughout my entire academic career. There are lots of reasons writers think up to justify procrastination. Our ability to bull shit, which we’ve so painstakingly cultivated in school, is now convincing even us!We persuade ourselves that we’ll write it when we’re more inspired, after we’ve done more relevant research, after we’ve watched the next episode; you can find anything to stand in your way.

Calvin and Hobbes

When I was in school, I really felt I performed best in the frantic creative mind-set of the last minute rush, but now there’s nothing really forcing me to write other than my own personal drive. I simply can’t find that same creative mentality that only a forty-page term paper due in 3 1/2 hours can bring. I definitely don’t enjoy the stress or the anxiety that comes with it, but I somehow find a flow of ideas, an understanding of how things should come together. I haven’t yet found a way to surpass my own mental roadblocks really… but that’s just another excuse.

Writers can’t forget that their ability to weave the threads of fiction could lead to their own ruin. Procrastination is essentially how good you are at persuading yourself to put things off. Rationalizing is a dangerous skill, yet one I pride myself on having. Some say the worst the procrastination, the stronger the writer… god I hope that’s right. All I know is that whoever said “you’re your own worst enemy” has got it right. But when you’re a writer, they’re an evil mastermind.


7 Sins of Writing (Part I)

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