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I’ve been very busy recently, and haven’t had much time for writing. I decided I would write for 15-20 minutes before I left for work today and post whatever I came up with.

Once upon a time, there was a woman whose life was everything she wanted it to be. She traveled the world and wrote things down. Things she saw, things she heard, things she thought, and things she dreamed. Sometimes people read the things she wrote, sometimes they didn’t. Some people loved her, more people disliked her, and most people didn’t even know her name. It didn’t matter to her though; all that mattered was that she wrote down stories and someone read them. One day she couldn’t think of anything to write. She had written every word she knew. So she created new words. But no one else knew how to read them or what they meant or even what they sounded like. She tried to teach them, but she’d forgotten how to speak in the words they understood. So she continued to travel and write stories that no one would ever read. It didn’t matter to her though; all that mattered was that she wrote them down.


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Ask a general question. Each response, or lack there of, will affect the next line of text. Don’t really think too long about what to say, let the responses be spontaneous. Typically this kind of free writing exercise is used to get you to write your own thoughts on the page without relying on things like story outlines or character summaries, but more on the immediate thought process. Mine usually end up in a long character monologue or an overly contemplative passage on life, but at least it gets me writing, and sometimes really interesting thoughts occur naturally.

It’s funny; I had envisioned the characters from a particular television series while writing this. I left out their names or any description of tonality, movement, or appearance to see if the inflections were inherent enough to paint a picture in the reader’s mind. It would be a peculiar conversation for them to have though…

Who do you think they are? Feel free to leave your answers/guesses in the comments!


What are you doing?

Reorganizing my books.


Not sure. Something different I suppose.

So what? Now it’s going alphabetically, or by how many syllables are in the title or something?

No. Just whatever size provides a suitable structure for stacking.

Oh, so you’re just doing this for no apparent reason then?

Well, as I stare at these quite often while I’m thinking, sometimes it’s nice to see something different, but, at the same time, the same.

Ah. And why do you stare at them?

I stare at them because it’s like having a window to the people who created them. You recall what you felt while reading them, or remember interesting facets of their stories. All of this you glean in an instant. It’s like looking at a reflection of yourself. You see, behind every faded book, the threads of your life. How this book came to you, how it changed you. You think of how each one just simply couldn’t be replaced. There’s always a reason why people keep a certain book, and suddenly, you can see who they really are.

So all this? All this is who you are?

Only to those who can see it.


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