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This is the opening to a graphic novel I’ve had on the back burner for about a year. I’m working on getting some art done for it, it’s actually the reason I’ve held off on posting it. If ever I get around to getting this illustrated, I’ll definitely be posting it here! I’ve written descriptions of each panel so, until then, imagination will have to do!



Panel 1
A man running down a narrow alleyway faintly lit by the glow of neon lights. There is something bundled in brown cloth tucked underneath his arm. His dusty cloak billows behind him, his face hidden in a the depths of his hood.

I can’t really say why I’m here, running for my life, trying to stop the end of the world.

Panel 2
The man exits the alley into a futuristic steampunk inspired cityscape. The city is dank, the tall brass skyscrapers lit up by flashing neon signs. The gutters are lined with garbage, shop windows are broken and boarded up.

Panel 3
There are few people on the streets, but those that can be seen are disheveled, their clothing torn with grime, holding worn cloaks tightly around themselves. There is a woman in tattered robes sitting in the gutter, with a sign propped up beside her that reads “The end is here”. Others are starring transfixed at something in the center of the plaza.

Panel 4
The people are starring at a large clock tower illuminated in the heart of the square. It’s face has many concentric circles layered atop brass gears, turning in different directions.

But I do know how it all began.

Panel 5
Close up on the minute hand of the clock.

It was decades before I was born, when they determined the exact date and time the world would end.

Panel 5
A young man meditating, draped in a Tibetan monk’s robes.

Some Precog in Tibet; he’d never been wrong.

Panel 6
Close up on the monks eyes, open in terror.

I’m sure they wish he’d be wrong about this one.

Panel 7
The man turns towards the clock tower and begins to run through the thin crowd.

Point is, now the world’s gone to shit.

Panel 8
He runs past a mural with the words “Believe in God” scrawled in faded paint. The word God is scratched out and the words “the end” replace them in black spray paint.

Fear has torn this world apart.

Panel 9
Close up: a puddle on the cobblestones as the man steps in it, disturbing the reflection of the skyscrapers against the inky night sky.

Now there are only a few dozen cities left.

Panel 10
The cloaked man continues to run through the crowd of transfixed onlookers, looking back at his indiscernible pursuer.

People stopped fighting each other once they realized it might be the cause of our own predestined destruction.

Panel 11
High angle on a few onlookers in the crowd, starring blankly upwards at the massive clock.

Actually they’ve stopped doing anything at all.

Panel 12
The man reaches the side of the support structure for the clock tower, and looks up the tall shaft where an old brass ladder is attached.

Clocks don’t tell time anymore; they only count down the minutes till the end.

Panel 13
The man begins to climb up the ladder, cradling the bundle with one arm.

But no one knows how its all going to go down. Me, I’d like to find out.

Panel 14
Side profile of the man’s face, though his hood still partial covers his features.

Maybe that’s why I’m here.

Panel 15
Wide shot of the clock tower from behind the sparse crowd of onlookers. The outline of the man climbing the side of the tower is followed by another.

There is a main clock in every city square, not that we need them.

Panel 16
A man’s wrist watch.

Panel 17
A woman holding a young girls hand. The young girl has a locket with a small clock inside, the woman is wearing a watch on her upper arm.

Panel 18
The tattered woman in the gutter has an alarm clock next to her, sheltered by a newspaper.

Most people carry one on them at all times.

Panel 19
The man continues to climb up the ladder, his cloak flaring out in the wind. He has a chain connected to a watch in his front pocket. He also has two hand guns strapped to either side.

Including me.

Panel 20
Close up on the pocket watch, half exposed in his breast pocket.

The only thing is that mine stopped working a long time ago, on the exact moment my world ended.

Panel 21
The end of a narrow grate bridge at the top of the ladder, the man’s hand grasps the edge.

Since that day, I’ve tried to do what I can for people…

Panel 22
The man pulls himself up.

… because it seems most people can’t do anything for themselves anymore.

It’s not their fault though, they’re scared.

Panel 23
The man begins to run across the walkway, silhouetted against the massive clock face.

Anyways, like I said, I don’t really know how I got here, on this bridge, minutes before the end of it all…

Panel 24
He reaches the end of the slippery walkway, only just stopping himself from falling as his hood slides off.

… trying to save the world.

Panel 25
Close up on his hand as he tightens his grip on the bundle.

Maybe I’m scared too,

Panel 26
The cloaked man is in the forefront, his head just out of frame. One of his revolvers gleams in the moonlight. Over his shoulder, a dark indiscernible figure approaches.

Maybe I’m going insane.

Panel 27
The man has turned around, his gun aimed at his assailant who is out of frame. His face isĀ  illuminated by the glow of the clock face. He looks to be in his mid-30’s, with vivid green eyes and shaggy dark hair. He has a monocle type lens attached to a mechanism over his left eye.

But I like to think that I’m just a nice fucking guy.


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