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Her hand drifted aimlessly over the page, ink dripping down her finger and spattering in tiny droplets onto the floor. The unusual spring heat wafted in through the open window. She let the low drone of the city drift past her, drift far away. She signed her name, then carefully lay down the pen. Like a ghost, she glided to the open window. The dark edges of the sky bled into the distant twilight, the stars rendered invisible by the amber glow of the city lights. She let the lights blow past her eyes, untilĀ  they glimmered like flecks of color in a dark void. She smelled ashes on the wind. She thought of warm summer days and fireflies and the pale glow of the moon. She thought of spider webs and slender needles and dark winding hallways. Despite the stifling heat, she shivered as she grasped the casement with her frail hands, leaving smudges of black ink on the chipped white paint. She closed her eyes because she did not trust herself to look at the beauty of the world again.


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